The Power of Impossible Thinking

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Recognize the power and limits of mental models

Our models define our world

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The Neuroscience Behind Mental Models

Recognize the Power and Limits of Mental Models

Our Models Define Our World

The world we see today could undergo a gestalt flip tomorrow. We can get better at this process of making sense—and the first step is recognizing that there is a process at all.

Map Part One : Recognize the Power and Limits of Mental Models

Some will argue that the world is already far too complicated for us to make sense of it. They act as if we need to just keep our heads down,focus on the track in front of our feet and keep moving. That may work for a limited time (until some freight train comes barrelling down the track we’re walking on). But our strength as human beings is our power to make sense, adapt to a fabulously complex world and quickly decide on a practical course of action. This is how we have survived and progressed since the age of the sabertooth tiger. It is how we can succeed in today’s complex world.

In today’s complicated and uncertain environment, the greatest dangers are not from beasts prowling around outside. More often than not they are in our own minds, our inability to see our own limits and to see things differently. It is these internal beasts that we seek to better understand—and learn to live with, if not to tame—in the pages of this book.

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